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Give your Upholstery the Love and Cleaning It Deserves

When you have kids, pets and overactive adults in your house, messy upholstery is inevitable. Maintenance and regular cleaning is the only way to move forward. Without it, your furniture will look dated and dirty. This will leave a bad impression on your guests which is not something that anybody would want. So, what’s the solution?

If you want clean and tidy looking furniture upholstery that would last for years to come then consider our upholstery cleaning services. Our expert team of professional upholstery cleaners has many years of experience in treating and cleaning dirty upholstery. We make your old and dusty furniture look just as good as new. Unlike other cleaners, we don’t just stop at steam cleaning, we take it further by getting rid of bacteria and cleaning your upholstery from the inside out.

At Clear Choice Cleaners, we understand how expensive high-quality furniture can get and therefore we make the best provision to cause no damage and unwanted reactions. We take care of not using any harmful and chemically reactive agents on your valuable products. We clean the products with the best care to enhance their life.

So contact us today to get rid of soil, stains, and bacteria from your upholstery furniture and enjoy a cleaner and healthier house today!

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Upholstery Cleaning in Mission, Abbotsford

and Chilliwack

With so many companies and many prices, making a decision is tough one but how do you see a difference in the

 businesses you hire, until you receive their services. Do you know what kind of difference that makes?

As one of the elite cleaners, please beware of the cheapest price, like the saying goes you get what you pay for. 

Clear Choice is competitive with prices because we are owner operated and that's the biggest reason you

get the our full attention, full service, honest prices and incredible results.

 This is what will always set us apart from the competition.

Not only are we the BEST choice for your needs, But we are the CLEAR CHOICE

Great Reasons To Clean Your Upholstery

The fabrics and fibers are constantly getting bombarded with dirty objects like dust and regular wear an tear from human contact. That can be oily skin, hair dander, dead skin, and if you have pets..dander as well.

At Clear Choice we are confident that we're going to leave your sofa looking clean, bright and smelling great. Upholstery cleaning takes a great deal of time to clean. It takes many passes to enable real care into the cleaning.

Getting the excellent results is a big reward for your family.