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Self help Carpet Cleaning Tips:

If you're going to clean it yourself use:

  • a shop vacuum or
  • a carpet shampoo machine to soak up as much of the spill as possible.
  • Club soda water is an excellent product to spot clean with. It's carbonated and it wont set a stain in the carpet so keep some around the house its much cleaner then store bought carpet cleaner solutions and it also doesn't leave a chemical in the carpet that dirt sticks to.
  • If you have a spray bottle you can transfer the club soda into it and then its much more affective to control.
  • By using a clean white towel and the club soda to blot out the stain keep using a clean part of the towel to blot with and vacuum out as much moisture out of the carpet as possible then you can take a deep breath and relax again.

Pre Duct Cleaning Tips:

  • Count up all the household or business vents
  • Expose all the hidden vents and cold air return vents
  • Clear a workable area if need be to the furnace as well a place to work
  • Always test the furnace before & after the cleaning

Pre Carpet Cleaning Tips:

  • You should always do a pre vacuum the night before the cleaning.
  • Pick pictures and books up off tables so they can be moved safely.
  • Clear the clutter off carpet so that it is ready to clean.
  • Allow 24 hours for complete drying before removing the plastic tabs and snap blocks from under the furniture