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Chilliwack Carpet Cleaning Customer Testimonials

James at Clear choice cleaners is amazing.  Whenever we need superior work, timely service, and immaculate care and attention to detail, we know who to call. As far we are concerned, there is only one number to call for carpet and duct cleaning services. Call Clear choice cleaners and breathe a fresh breath of relief! ~Dave Waldner
If you are seeking carpet cleaning that is consistently of the highest quality and to your satisfaction you need to call James at Clear Choice Cleaners!  I have used their service for both my family home ( big family) as well as for our rental properties. Each cleaning has consistently met or exceeded my expectations. After the cleaning my home carpet looks new!

My rental houses, some of which sustained heavy damage and difficult stains are restored to quality that went beyond my  high expectations.   The service quotes have been very reasonable and specific. The service fees were what was quoted.   I feel comfortable having James in my home and I feel confident in recommending him to my friends and family.   It really is a Clear Choice! ~Pam Duval

I am a long term building Manager who has experienced a few different carpet cleaners. I have to say that James at Clear Choice is the one who gets the job done! We have used James since December of 2012 and have been in contract with him since March 6, 2013. I have not been that impressed with others who were sent by their employers in the past. That's not to say that there are no good workers, I am just saying I have not had that great of an experience.

What I really appreciate about James is that he owns his company and takes amazing pride in his work! The side by side results of his before and after are amazing! James is very personable and easy to work with and is very flexible with time and energy. I highly recommend James for your carpet cleaning no matter how large or small the job. He will get the job done and you will be satisfied!!

Thank you James for all your hard work! ~Mary

Whenever I seek out services for home or business purposes, I usually call at least three to five companies and ask a number of questions. During a recent search, I contacted James from Clear Choice Cleaners and he was more than thorough while answering my questions regarding carpet care, which both immediately impressed me and allowed me to believe this guy cares about what he does - it was clearly evident he was not just all about the money, he took the time to describe the procedures he utilizes. As an evening supervisor for custodial services, it was refreshing for me to hear James convey his passion for what he does, the details he provided proved he was more about quality and not quantity. Today, so often quality is sacrificed in favor of quantity, which initially may seem to be okay, but far too often these "shortcuts" will reveal themselves later on, leaving the consumer to get the work redone; from my own personal experience, I can assure you, this will not happen if you procure the services of James Parrish - his workmanship is first rate! Thanks again James, I hope for you the best of the best in all future endeavours. ~Scott Nelson