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Frequently Asked Questions

How many years have you been cleaning carpets and ducts?

I have taken a pride in cleaning carpets and ducts for the last 15 years.

What kind of system do you use to clean carpets?

Clear Choice uses a Truck mount system as it provides superior cleaning power. It cleans better, has thermal heat rinse extraction, vacuum power that takes out the deep and ground in dirt in your carpets.

What happens if I have a stubborn stain?

I will first evaluate the stain and access our course of action. We have a wide variety of spot cleaning products that have been able to remove even dried nail polish from a carpet.

How do you clean the customers carpets?

There is a lot of work that goes into cleaning your carpets and upholstery. It's a art for someone who is cleaning full time every day and getting that experience is going to make your home shine. We give you that same wow that our already existing clients have gotten before you and whom also appreciate our services.

Why should I have my carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned?


A clean carpet will last longer than a soiled carpet. If you follow manufacturers recommendations of cleaning your carpet at least once every 12-18 months from wall to wall and every 6 months for the traffic areas, your carpet can last up to twice as long or longer. Abrasive dry soil that your vacuum cleaner cannot remove will scratch and damage the yarns. If you are not vacuuming and just cleaning your carpet, that is equivalent to throwing a bucket of water on a pile of dirt and making mud right on your carpet. Proper vacuuming combined with proper steam cleaning will ensure the best results and care for your carpet. You must do both and that is why carpet manufacturers recommend you vacuum your carpets at least 3 times a week. Many new carpet warranties require professional cleaning and even specify the 'hot water extraction system' Clear Choice Cleaners uses for the greatest soil removal.

Beautiful Appearance:

Spots and soil buildup is unsightly and embarrassing. You can make your carpet look good longer with frequent cleaning and vacuuming. Your trained, experienced, professional from Clear Choice Cleaners uses the finest products and equipment available for the best spot and soil removal possible. We're the experts!

Healthier Home:

Your home will be kept clean and healthy. Many contaminants fall into your carpet that acts as a large filter. Our method of cleaning extracts these unwanted guests. Indoor air quality is becoming a major concern to your health. Let us explain how carpets can help keep the air you breathe, cleaner. Carpet acts as a large filter, trapping bio-pollutants and contaminants removing them from the breathable air. However, when these filters (carpet) become full of contaminants, the filters must be cleaned or replaced. Since carpet is the most expensive furnishing in your home or business, cleaning is the recommended first step. Professional cleaning of carpet and rugs not only extends the life of the carpet, but can also help extend the lives of you and your families as well. These contaminants, not thoroughly removed, have the potential to cause a variety of health problems. Regular maintenance programs are your best protection against the buildup of soils, mold spores, dust mites, carpet beetles and all types of pollutants that accumulate in your carpets, upholstery, air ducts and draperies over time.

As a professional carpet & upholstery care company we have invested extensive hours in continuing education, and thousands of dollars in cleaning equipment. Learning about the proper methods, equipment, and materials necessary to provide a service to our customers that produces benefits well beyond nicer looking carpets and furniture. Cleaning provides health benefits that aid in the overall well being of your family. As modern cleaning professionals we recognize the health concerns of our population and are addressing those concerns through the use of people and pet friendly as well as Earth-friendly cleaning agents. These agents are specifically designed to leave little or no residue in your furnishings. Protect your family's health by creating a regular maintenance program that fits easily into your household needs, and budget.

And remember that routine professional cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy home and work environment.